Charlie Dean

This is about Charlie Dean, Multi-AVN and XBIZ nominated 🏆 Actor in the 🔞Adult Industry

HE SUPPORTS RUSSIA🇷🇺 and is homophobic

Charlie Dean supports Russia - hates Ukrainians and is HOMOPHOBIC

Charlie is known to support Russia and doesnt like Ukrainians. 

  • Charlie Follows Anti-Ukrainian Accounts on Twitter
  • Charlie Likes Russian Propaganda Videos from Twitter Accounts who are known to spread Russian Propaganda
  • Charlie Dean posted already back in 2018 on his (by now deleted) Instagram that he is homophobic. Key The One Tayler (RIP) did point this out on twitter as you can see in the screenshot.
  • Multiple Actresses (Misha Cross, Tina Key, Sybil A) point out his crazy disrespectful behaviour (he got mental problems)

His Gay content

In the past he did gay porn, yes!

You can find all this here:

Since 2 years he only does Str8 porn.

But you can sometimes book him for private meetings for the right amount! Write him: [email protected]